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This piercing is intense to receive and slow to heal — patience and diligent cleaning will reward you with an attractive, pleasurable piercing.

We install the absolute best jewelry available on the market, made out of implant grade metals, palladium based gold, or Pyrex appropriately sized for the person who is receiving the piercing.

If that is the case, it may be time to try something new, maybe bigger balls, a longer post, a shorter post or a different design. Sites like Yelp can also be a great resource. Amy fisher images. Vch piercings pictures. Our body piercers will check your tissue and give you our professional opinion. October 27, - This term is usually reserved for large gauge piercings.

Large flat piercings should be considered permanent. There's a little more to it than that, though. We will discuss your different options with you and show you examples. Instead, if a woman is interested in getting a piercing that will stimulate her clitoris without overwhelming or damaging it, piercers typically suggest either a VCH piercing or an HCH piercing. Your happy, healthy piercings will thank you for your patience.

I have had many women swear it heals in a week or even less. Www bangali xvideo com. The piercer did use a receiving tube and said she used as much skin as possible.

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You want an experienced professional who is certified and clean as a whistle. Big cock fuck video tumblr. It can be done as small as an 18 gauge or as large as the space in your ear allows.

Clitoral hood piercing Location Clitoral hood Jewelry captive bead ringBarbellJ-bar A clitoral hood piercing is a female genital piercing through the clitoral hood surrounding the clitoris. Vch piercings pictures. The barbell will be long while you are flaccid and become snug when erect. I had one, and I cried and screamed and cried.

Does anyone else have a VCH? And what you can do about it. Cleaning it was just as simple; I soaked it in a warm saline solution that I mixed in a shot glass. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Get your own autographed poster now! Get your own autographed poster now!

I received a message: Is there any suggestions you have? Infinite Body Piercing, Inc. We normally use captive bead rings for this piercing but if you have your heart set on a different style we can discuss the pros and cons when you come in. I used your site for research about a vch piercing before actually getting it. Fingering porn pictures. Interestingly, the inner labia and hood piercings are recommended as easier for first timers in terms of both pain and healing time.

Are you interested in aesthetics or stimulation?

Labia piercings can be done singularly or in pairs. Diligent soaking in a mild, non-iodized sea salt bath, avoiding oral contact and rough play will put you on the road to quick healing. Notify me of new posts by email. These piercings are Freaking Awesome, but should definitely not be entered into lightly because of the risk of rejection. Hot 3x photos. I loathe it when women contact me for advice and information, and I supply it to them, and they STILL end up with botched piercings.

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